ChildsPlay Summer Classes

ReadAlong / SingAlong

In the Read-along/Sing-along and Art & Nature classes, we will pursue an 'ocean life' theme. The Read-along/Sing-along series allows students to read or memorize lyrics to songs about the ocean, and learn about rhythm and music through singing activities. We will also explore books about ocean life, and talk about what we know and imagine about the ocean.

Fee: $6 per student per class

Art & Nature

In the Art & Nature series, we will read about ocean life and express our thoughts and imagination about the ocean through art projects.

Fee: $6 per student per class


Spanish Language classes are based on the immersion-method of teaching language. Native speaker Angie Portillo teaches Spanish through recitation sessions, vocabulary-building exercises, and physical activities that reinforce the life-experience vocabulary students are learning.

Fee: $6 per student per class

Kitchen Science

Our Kitchen Science class will explore basic concepts of science through simple experiments that use everyday materials.

Fee: $6 per student per class

Cooking Adventures

Cooking Adventures will allow students to make fun edibles, while learning about the cultural theme or cooking-concept theme of the day. The theme of the day will be presented through story-telling or a traditional lesson. Students will be encouraged to talk about what they know about the day's theme while they prepare the day's delectable. This class extends into the lunch-hour so that students can eat their creations along with their "brown bag" lunches.

Fee: $6 per student per class
As always, students can be dropped off at our secure setting. And, we have planned the schedule so that students can attend back-to-back classes to create a 2-hour or 3-hour activity for the day. Classes can be taken as a series or individually - whichever works for your schedule.

When Lunch and/or Open Play sessions link 2 classes for a student, there is no additional charge for Lunch or Open Play sessions. For example, a Monday plan could be: 11:00a - Read-along/Sing-along ($6), Noon - Brown Bag lunch and Open Play (no charge), 1:00p - Art & Nature ($6).

Please feel free to call us if you have any questions about the Summer Schedule. We hope to see you this summer!

NOTE: We will be moving to 5220 Eubank (Promenade Center) in July! Please watch for the announcement of the move-date.